Welcome to Total Wellness Consultants

Total Wellness Consultants is a Dallas, Texas based company committed to providing specialized therapeutic interventions aimed at optimizing your quality of life helping you find balance and achieve your goals.  Whether it’s finding relief from acute symptoms such as anxiety or depression, breaking a cycle of unsuccessful relationships or sexual concerns, or optimizing your physical health, Total Wellness Consultants can help.  Working with an experienced and compassionate therapist can help you gain deeper understanding of your personal life and support you with making the lasting changes you haven’t been able to make on your own.

I believe that life is about growth and forward movement. Acceptance of life’s struggles is not always easy. But finding a way to evolve ourselves is the key to a peaceful and content existence. The very conflicts, which often seem insurmountable, offer an opportunity to create solid, secure and joy-filled relationships with ourselves and those we choose to engage in relationship. As we gain insight and new tools to approach life’s frustrations, we create secure lasting results and restore our faith.

~Dr. Harvey

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