Mindfulness In Everyday Life

Try to incorportate more mindfully-based behaviors into your daily life. Fully attend to each activity rather than engaging in multiple activities at once. Take time in each day to clear your mind and focus your attention on your breath and the physical experience of your body in that moment.

The Neurobiology of Attentional Focus Training

Learning to control your attentional focus allows you to control your emotional responses and thus your mood and behavior.

Don’t Let Your Family Make You Crazy!

Transfer from old video blog: With the holiday season well under way, stress levels can begin to rise. Be proactive this year. Don’t let stress and unrealistic expectations result in familial discord and misery. Find the joy this holiday season, no matter what obstacles come your way!

Running for the Stuffing!!!

Transfer from old video blog: Every year I run the 8 mile Turkey Trot in Dallas. This year, I opted to run the Dana Point Turkey Trot in California. Man, was it COLD!!! 6.2 miles with an 8:19/mi average–which I will gladly take after a 2 month mandatory running break. I think the cold may have actually made me run faster–so that I could get back in my car! I run on Thanksgiving to reflect on the things I am thankful for…and so I can have a second plate of carbs! 😉

Dr. Harvey Hitting the Beach

Transfer from old video blog: So important to find ways to support our mental health. Running is my top stress reducing activity.

Top Life Stressors Know Them and Learn How to Cope

Transfer from old video blog: Life brings stress. No way around it. Learn to listen to your body and find ways to decrease stress before and during it’s occurrence.

Magical Yummy Cure For Lactose Intolerance!

Transfer from old video blog: Health and nutrition affect your mental wellness. Exercising regularly and eating healthy foods are an important part of your Total Wellness. Let me just say, Greek yogurt is one of my most favorite foods! Not only is it delicious, but it can improve your lactose intolerance symptoms!

Green Salad Smoothies, Mmmmm…

Transfer from old video blog: Green Smoothies!!!

Texas Rangers Fever!!!

Transfer from old video blog: The Texas Rangers head to the World Series for the first time in history! Just shown’ a little Texas love.

A Few of My Favorite Things: Dr. Harvey Answers Question From Twitter Friend, “Charmedmomof4”

Transfer from old video blog: In this video I talk about my favorite parts of what I do as well as some challenging aspects.

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